Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An entire neighbourhood secretly learned sign language to make a deaf man's day better By Christopher Hooton

Today in touching altruistic acts only slightly tarred by their being an advert for a major brand, residents of Istanbul surprise a deaf man by all learning how to sign.

Man is completely bewildered by Truman Show-esque stunt
Muaharrem's sister, Ozlem, teamed up with Samsung for the stunt, which saw months of preparation as the language was learned and cameras were stationed around the neighbourhood.
In the video she is seen taking him on a fairly routine walk around their neighbourhood, only something about it feels Truman Show-esque.


A passing pedestrian signs hello, the man in the local shops signs the day's selection of bagels. Then the very next person they encounter and help collect his dropped groceries signs that he'd like to offer them an apple as thanks.
By the time a cab driver is also talking to him in sign language, Muaharrem  is pretty freaked out.
The pair end their journey in a public square, where the stunt is revealed and Muaharrem's neighbours are waiting to greet them.
Even the heavy Samsung branding can't sober him, and he winds up in tears, touched that others would consider how shut off the world must be to him everyday.

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